Crime Prevention Grant
Driffield Skatepark |

We also have been fortunate to have been awarded a East Riding Crime Reduction Grant which will enable us to run free coaching sessions for Skateboarding and micro scooters and extra sessions. The grant will enable us to run four hours of free coaching sessions a week for 18 weeks. We have three trained coaches and it is wonderful to have the funding for them to be able to offer free sessions. We hope this will attract new young people to the skatepark and that they will take up the sports of skateboarding and micro scooting. The grant will also allow us to purchase helmets and skateboards for the sessions. In addition there is grant money to run extra sessions two nights a week and one weekend day. This should allow plenty of access to young people for the park. We plan to run a 5 hour session on a Saturday for just £2 entrance. There will also be extra sessions on an evening. The grant also includes money to enable us to renovate our mini ramp. This is the ramp that beginners like the best and will help those on the coaching courses to consolidate their new found skills. This is an East Riding Crime Reduction Grant and is targeted at ages between 10 and 20.